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[plumbin_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#042e3e” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase” margin=”30px 0 10px 0″]WE PROVIDE HEATING & PLUMBING SERVICES[/plumbin_headline]

 Domestic and commercial heating and plumbing services. Rely on our experienced and qualified team for installations, repairs and maintenance.

[plumbin_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”2715″ style=”8″ title=”Underfloor Heating” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/wet_underfloor_heating/”]We offer Gas (Water) based underfloor Heating for efficient home heating . Call us now for a free estimate[/plumbin_iconbox][plumbin_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”2713″ style=”8″ title=”Bathroom Renovations” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/bathroom_renovations/”]We Providing a Best and Quality Services for your Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling[/plumbin_iconbox]
[plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-wrench” style=”8″ title=”Boiler Repair” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/boiler_installation-servicing-worcester-ideal-baxi-vaillant/”]Having issues with boiler and hot water, why not to call us. We give Free quote over the phone and on-site estimates[/plumbin_iconbox][plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-check-circle” style=”8″ title=”Gas Safety Check” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/landlord_gas_safe_inspection_check/”]

We provide landlords with Gas Safe Certificates. Our gas safe registered engineers will inspect gas appliances


[plumbin_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”2723″ style=”8″ title=”Boiler Installation” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/boiler_installation/”]Working with leading brands of boilers available in UK , we make sure your choice matches your house requirements[/plumbin_iconbox][plumbin_iconbox icon=”” iconimg=”2725″ style=”8″ title=”Power Flushing ” url=”http://heatmeplumbers.co.uk/power-flushing/”]Having Power Flushing is great to maintain your system and make it working more efficiently[/plumbin_iconbox]
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Feel free to ask any Plumbing Services questions over the phone, or get in touch via our contact form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.

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[plumbin_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#042e3e” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”30px 0 10px 0″] About Our Company[/plumbin_headline]

Gas Safe registered Plumbers based in Ilford

We specialise in Gas underfloor Heating, Boiler Installation and Repair, Bathroom Renovations & Central Heating Upgrades.

Our core values

  • Clarity and transparency – we believe being honest goes a long way and builds strong customer relationships. What we quote is what you pay, not a penny more.
  • Friendly service – no grumpy plumbers here.
  • Customer satisfaction – our aim is to finish the job, where everyone is happy before, during and in the end.
  • Tidiness – we value customers’ property and will always leave the job clean and tidy.
  • Quality workmanship – we don’t take shortcuts and all the jobs are carried out by the highest standards and best practices possible.

Whether it’s helping you to choose the perfect boiler matching all your requirements or a tap replacement, we’ll be there to help.

[plumbin_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#042e3e” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”30px 0 10px 0″] Request A FREE Quote Today[/plumbin_headline]

    [plumbin_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#042e3e” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase” margin=”50px 0 30px 0″] Why Choose us ?[/plumbin_headline]
    [plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-check-circle-o” title=”Licensed and Insured”]Our company is licensed and insured to carry put all the relevant plumbing heating projects.[/plumbin_iconbox]
    [plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-trophy” title=”Reputable Company”]Operating for more than 8 years, earning an excellent reputation for plumbing and heating  services.[/plumbin_iconbox]
    [plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-comments-o” title=”Free Quote & Estimate”]Free over the phone estimates, and will provide you with an actual quote.[/plumbin_iconbox]
    [plumbin_iconbox icon=”fa-clock-o” title=”12 Months Guarantee”]We Provide 12 Months Guarantee for all Heating and Plumbing Services.[/plumbin_iconbox]
    [plumbin_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#042e3e” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase” margin=”50px 0 30px 0″]Accreditation and Associations [/plumbin_headline]