Is it time for your Gas Safety inspection?

Whether you are a landlord or a property manager, it is a legal requirement to possess a valid Gas Safety certificate, which can only be provided by a qualified, gas-safe registered engineer.

At HeatMe Plumbers, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers can promptly provide you with a Gas Safety certificate on the same day.

We are equipped to perform comprehensive gas safety inspections on any property, and once the inspection is complete, we’ll furnish you with the necessary gas safety certificate as evidence of our service.

Having a CP12 inspection done means:

  • Your property is certified as Gas Safe.
  • You are in full legal compliance.
  • Your tenants can rest assured, knowing they reside in a secure environment.
  • Any issues or defects will be identified and addressed promptly.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will thoroughly inspect all pipework, your gas meter, and all your appliances to ensure they meet the current legislative standards. Subsequently, we will prepare and sign a certificate confirming the successful completion of these checks.