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Smart Heating And Heating Control Installation In London

Take control over your home, increase its efficiency and save money on your utility bills too! With our heating control installation in London, you can create a home that works for you.

There is now a quick, easy and intelligent way to save money and lessen your environmental impact and that’s through smart thermostats and heating control installation. At Heat Me Plumbers, we offer heating control installation in London to help you save significantly on your utility bills. Our highly trained heating engineers provide a range of services to help you have more control over your home and your bills.

Benefits Of Heating Control Installation

  • Save money on your bills
  • Easy to use thermostat
  • Heating can adapt to suit your needs
  • Control your heating via an app
  • Multi-zone heating control
  • Hot water control.

How It Works

Central Heating Review And Upgrade

In order to make the most out of a new smart thermostat, Heat Me Plumbers will first take the time to review your central heating system. This may require a routine maintenance check and service. All of which will help to ensure that every aspect of your central heating is performing optimally. An engineer will take time to inspect all aspects of the system, including its connections and fixtures, to ensure there are no issues or damage.

Choose Your Favourite Smart Heating Control Thermostat

There are several smart thermostat options available. Our engineers will help you to select the best one based on your home, boiler and personal circumstances. Some of the most popular options include;

  • Hive

App-based heating control, ideal for those who want to control their heating remotely. Hive Active Heating offers multi-zone control and a boost feature for your heating and hot water for when you need it quickly. You can also integrate Hive Active Light which includes smart plugs and switches too.

  • Nest

Nest is a popular and reliable choice for homes. Its geolocation service means the app will know when you’ve gone out and will prompt you to switch off your heating if you’ve forgotten. The Nest app also allows you to control hot water too.

  • Honeywell

Honeywell offers a range of smart thermostats to suit all homes and budgets. The evohome is a popular choice that can create up to twelve heating zones across the property which you can fully control.

  • Vaillant

Vaillant’s vSMART is a self-learning smart thermostat that gets to know your habits and routines for easy heating management. It connects with the current range of Vaillant boilers and offers a user-friendly app which you can access from any device.

Heating Control Installation In London

Heat Me Plumbers work across London to help homeowners get more from their central heating. If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save money on your household bills, Heat Me Plumbers are here to help with heating control installation in London.

To find out more about smart thermostats and which heating control is best for your home, contact the team today.