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Gas Leak Detection and repair In London

For every premise in London, it is essential to protect both people and property. A gas leak can be incredibly dangerous and can lead to devastating consequences such as fires, explosion and destruction. At Heat Me Plumbers, we help to prevent the potentially catastrophic consequences of gas leaks from happening with our fast-response gas leak detection service in London.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

There are many reasons why a gas leak may occur. The most common causes include;

  • Poorly fitted appliances
  • Faulty appliances
  • Poorly installed pipework
  • General wear and tear or rusting of gas pipes

What Should You Do If You Think There Is A Gas Leak?

If you can smell gas or believe that there may be a gas leak, then it is crucial to act fast.

  1. Evacuate everyone from the premises
  2. Do not turn on any electric items
  3. Do not use naked flames, smoke, light matches or use lighters
  4. Open all doors and windows, if it is safe to do so
  5. Turn off the gas supply at the meter or emergency control valve if possible.
  6. Call Heat Me Plumbers to report the suspected leak.

Our gas leak repair services are available across London. If you suspect there is a gas leak, then we will deploy our team of Gas Safe registered engineers to your premises. From there, the engineers will cap the gas to ensure it is safe. The engineers will then work to investigate the cause of the gas leak. Once identified, the team will work hard to repair the gas leak as quickly as possible while also ensuring it is completely safe for people to return.

How Does Our Gas Leak Detection Service Work?

The first part of the identification process is to conduct three tightness tests. This takes place to diagnose where the gas leak is coming from. The three tightness tests will check the gas meter, pipework and appliances.

Then, using specialist, state-of-the-art equipment, we will then work to trace the leak to determine its precise location.

Once we have identified the issue, we will then work hard to repair the area or replace what is necessary to make the premises safe again.

Every gas leak is different as we take a diligent, bespoke approach to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Gas Leak Detection London From Gas Safe Engineers

Our engineers are all Gas Safe accredited and experts in handling emergency situations such as gas leaks. You can rely on our team to be with you quickly and will work hard to ensure your property is safe as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, our team can also be on hand to conduct regular maintenance and preventative action to reduce the risks of gas leaks before they occur.

To find out more about our gas safety and gas leak detection services, contact the team today.