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Best of Our Works


 Domestic and commercial heating and plumbing services. Rely on our experienced and qualified team for installations, repairs and maintenance.

More About Us

Who we are

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Learn More About The7

Why choose us

    Our company is licensed and insured to carry put all the relevant plumbing heating projects.
    Operating for more than 8 years, earning an excellent reputation for plumbing and heating  services.
  • Free over the phone estimates, and will provide you with an actual quote.
    We Provide 12 Months Guarantee for all Heating and Plumbing Services.

Our experience

Home renovations
Boiler installations -
Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years
Marketing - 2 years


Gas Safe registered company

We specialise in Gas underfloor Heating, Boiler Installation and Repair, Bathroom Renovations & Central Heating Upgrades.

Our core values

  • Clarity and transparency – we believe being honest goes a long way and builds strong customer relationships. What we quote is what you pay, not a penny more.
  • Friendly service – no grumpy plumbers here.
  • Customer satisfaction – our aim is to finish the job, where everyone is happy before, during and in the end.
  • Tidiness – we value customers’ property and will always leave the job clean and tidy.
  • Quality workmanship – we don’t take shortcuts and all the jobs are carried out by the highest standards and best practices possible.

Whether it’s helping you to choose the perfect boiler matching all your requirements or a tap replacement, we’ll be there to help.

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